Safety is our business

Goal Zero Days

Safety is our business

Goal Zero Days

Safety First

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment at our workplace rely on the hard work of both our employees and the leadership team. We believe that when safety procedures and policies are operating effectively, and everyone is working together to minimise risk, the number of incidents in the workplace is greatly reduced.

Our commitment to achieving safety excellence is accomplished through:

  1. Implementing safety programmes to establish a culture of safety;
  2. Providing training and the necessary resources so that our employees can perform their jobs safely; and
  3. Monitoring adherence to safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all safety regulations and best practices.

Our business processes – from the back office to our helicopter operations – are frequently reviewed in tandem with regulatory developments, best practices and case studies. This approach helps us to foresee preventable injuries and incidents as we strive for safety perfection.

Employee involvement is key to our safety programmes. Everyone in company is encouraged to participate through near miss reporting, safety minute talks, employee safety suggestions and conversations, and made aware of safety statistic reports.

As our commitment to safety and our goal of keeping every employee out of harm’s way - whether at the office, in the field, or at home - HAS employees receive safety announcements, safety tips, a monthly safety newsletter and online safety resources so that everyone is made aware of common job-related safety and health hazards.

We implement incentive programmes that encourage high-level awareness and reporting process on misconduct or misdemeanours, no matter how small, which threatens health and safety at the workplace.

Safety from A to Z

Safety is always the cornerstone of our business, and this guides our decision-making across all segments of our operations.

This is well reflected in our strategy to invest in new-generation helicopters, the H175 Airbus, which offers greater safety margins. The H175 was an obvious choice for us, not just for its sheer size and capacity to go the distance, but more importantly, we are drawn to its safety-intuitive capabilities.

After all, safety is our business, and every flight is a mission to transport our client personnel safely and securely.

Safety Charter